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Get B.A.D.A.S.S. #1

Well folks, the Kickstarter for the Bureau of Alien Detection & Supernatural Sightings #1 wasn’t successful but I have good news!

You can still get a copy!

I had already drawn the first issue before launching the Kickstarter so I’m still sending it to print only without full colors because I at the moment, I can’t afford to pay for the services. The book will still be black, white grey tones and spot colors. I’m setting my store up (finally) and everything that you want to purchase will be here from now on.

The book will continue on a bi-monthly basis, and the first issue will begin shipping the first week of November.

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New Beginnings!


This is the latest iteration of my site. I know that this is integral to building my brand along with social media and stuff. I’m on the old side of the fence at this point, so I appreciate those who still check for me and my art.   I will post most things here along with some B.A.D.A.S.S. material to either give you guys a sneek peek at the latest issue or give you some side material that didn’t make it to the story.

Besides new art, I encourage you to buy a print or commission some art to help me continue to maintain my starving artist  status (rolls eyes). Even if you can’t purchase anything, I really do hope that you enjoy some of the randomness that is my art.